Must not have been around me.


Well, of course not.

I’ve been recovering all barricaded at home for the past few weeks. I couldn’t see you all sick and gross. I wouldn’t get any kisses. 



Goodness — an illness? You’re feeling better now yes?

Yeah, I am feeling better than I used to! It took a few weeks, but it worth it in the end! 

I don’t think I will be able to drink for a while though, which is a huge bummer, but a small sacrifice, aha…


Oh, so you were waiting to feast your eyes on the sights of cuties so you could handle it in the appropriate way.

Nothing surprises me more than your bodies ability to not explode from this.

That’s pretty much the deal. I don’t wanna scare anyone with my groggy, drunk ass stumbling about. That’d be bad. 

Well—it did explode, but probably not the way you would think. Just lots and lots of vomit. 

You obviously haven’t seen me too much then.

Well, there’s that, too—I wanted to see you cuties until I was able to do normal things properly again. 

Don’t think I can drink still, though. 



Perhaps you’ve just been around different  people — ah — it’s all personal preference right?

Ah, here’s one—

It’s really more that I haven’t gone out in a while to see them myself. I—I have been recovering from an “illness,” you could say.

I haven’t seen any cute people around these days, which is a shocker.

sorry for the inactivity again ive become consumed in jojo hell 

i need to draw the birthday doodle eventually im already like two day late omg